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About Me

Jeremy Nixon

Member of the Usenet Cabal – the Spam War one, not the original Backbone Cabal. Operated a cancelbot. Created the first widely-used spam filtering software. Ran Usenet servers for a major provider. Dealt with abuse on social media before the term “social media” was even invented.

I’ve been doing photography seriously for many years, with several long hiatuses. I enjoy travel and nature photography, and have driven across the whole USA so many times I can do it without looking at a map. My old blog hasn’t been updated in years, but has a lot of good photography on it.

It also has the original Visited States Map Generator, which is a bit outdated for today’s web technologies, but started its life as a Perl CGI script (remember those?) so it’s come a long way and somehow remains popular.

I’m from New Jersey, USA, and escaped to Las Vegas sometime around 2015.

If you came here looking for a way to get in touch with me, email works. If you came here looking for cool stuff, give it time; this is a brand-new site!